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Maytag Neptune MAH4000AWW, it had numerous repairs including new wax motor, new machine control board and new motor control board. It's been fine for a few years now and suddenly it no longer spins. Downloaded a service manual and have been working on it. Heres what I can confirm

1) all balance and inertia switches working correctly
2) wax motor and door switches all functioning correctly
3) pump works and is not clogged
4) unplugging JP4 on motor control board and running in delay mode cycles motor at 50rpm
5) machine control board looks fine. R11 tests good on DMM
6) the motor in my unit does not have a tachometer and the motor control board does not match the one in the manual. The connection between motor and control board is also different than in the manual (different wire colors and pinout - still 6 wires total though)
7) relevant wires/connections all test good

The machine seems to work fine - it just isn't spinning out the clothes and they are being left wet. I've exhausted all the troubleshooting steps in the manual and cannot find a solution. What could be causing the problem?

Worn/stretched belt?

If the "door locked" light is coming on, we know that the machine control is OK. The inertial balance switches and the side and lower switches are on a loop, connected under the main top near the left rear corner (2 blue wires). Check at the disconnect plug for continuity thru all 3 switches. This is a closed loop under most circumstances, and the machine control counts the number of hits the inertial mercury switch on top gets during a spin cycle.

Your problem could be a bad timer. Remember, the timer must communicate with the machine control to authorize a spin cycle. Since you seem to be confident the motor and control are in good order, this leaves the timer as a likely suspect.

Thanks for the responses.

--- Quote from: JWWebster on November 20, 2009, 03:08:31 PM ---Worn/stretched belt?

--- End quote ---

The belt was replaced when the tech put in the new motor control board and it looks fine.

I had only checked the balance/inertia switched individually, I'll check through the whole loop. Is the timer fixable or would it just need to be replaced entirely?

It's non-repairable. If you buy it thru the links on this site, you can return it if it does not solve the problem. In this case, we need both the model and serial numbers, as the timers changed several times during production.


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