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LTF7000ES0 washer comes on starts then lights go off & after 15 secs on again


Help.. my daughter put several pairs of shoes in my Frigidaire LTF7000ES0 washer this past week when I wasn't home on the 2 hr clean cycle and it has messed up my washer.

The washer lights will all come on and it will start a wash and then stop and keeps coming on and going off again.  If I leave it plugged in then it will do this over and over where lights come on and washer acts like will start but then everything goes off and it doesn't respond.  I found a piece on the door latch assembly that was broke so I replaced it last night but did not change problem.  

Any help appreciated.  

Is it displaying any fault codes?

I went through the system check and it did show E61.. which is not in manual as valid code.. now the 6 looked like lower case b so not sure there.  Also, I was able to get through the diagnostic test once and it seemed to all work fine but then when  started load of clothes it worked long enough to fill with water and then it turned off and started the cycle of coming on with lights and then going off completely again.  When going through cycle I was able to run spin to get water to go out of tub and it spinned for couple minutes without problem. 


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