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Video: How to check voltage at cord on a Maytag electric dryer.


The first thing you should check on a electric dryer when it does not heat or run is the voltage at the cord.

If you do not have the correct voltage your dryer will not heat and may not even start.

The dryer needs 240 volts for the heater to work. It gets 240 volts by using two 120 volt lines. If one of these 120 volt lines is dead it will not heat. It may or may not still run as the dryer only needs 120 volts for the motor to run.

If you have one 120 volt line missing power and it is the same 120 volt line that runs to the motor then the dryer will not run or heat.

In this video I use a maytag electric dryer to show you how to check the voltage with a digital meter.
The middle wire is the neutral and the two outside ones are the hot wires.

If you do not have the correct 240 volts at the dryer cord you should check the house fuses or breaker.
If you have fuses there will be two of them that the dryer use, check them both.

If you have breakers see if it has been tripped and reset it before trying the dryer again.


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