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I have a problem with no heat on this Frigidaire FLSGC72GCS3 gas dryer (stacked unit on top of washing machine) On observation when it's cold the ignitor glows gass kicks on and it runs fine-heats up, gas shuts off then the next time gas is needed to cycle, the ignitor glows but no gas and it continues this way till it completely cools down.
My question is do gas valves act intermittently when its warm or should I be looking elsewhere???
If the thermostat was bad or the high limit will the ignitor still glow at intervals??
Help please!!!!

Gas valve "coils" can be intermittent once they get hot. It can only take one cycle to overheat and not come back on.
The ohm value on the coils should be Pin 1 to 2=1300-1400 ohms. Pin 1 to 3=500-600 ohms.
The 2 pin coil should read 1000-1300 ohms.

Thanks Jumptrout. Is this for real. Im looking for the valve and it looks like the retail price is $270??
Do people replace these things?

 Don't replace the gas valve. Replace the 2 coils on top of the valve that have wire connections.

part # 5303931775


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