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GE top loader washer will not spin or agitate at all


I have a GE top loader model WHDSR316G0ww that will not spin or agiatate. It fills and drains and the timer advances. Tested and bypassed the lid switch and still nothing. Later I found that the in line fuse on the RW wire to the motor was bad so I ordered the new fuse installed it and it still will not spin or agitate. I keep seeing that I should check for the flashing LED for error codes, but I see no LED at all. I removed the drip cover from the motor and I see no LED anywhere on the circuit board. I am at my wits end! Please help!!!!

Model WHDSR316G0WW

Try a reset your inverter unplug for 30 sec you should hear a click ... plug back in then with 10 sec open and close the lid 5 time then put into spin ...

You may have to try 3 or three time to get the timing right

the light led is on the inverter board and is green...

Have tried the reset but still nothing. And I still see no flashing light? I have replaced the inline fuse, but it dies not seem like the motor is working at all.

do you have voltage after the fuse?

If you have voltage you may need a motor/inverter

the green LED is on the inverter board right hand side a little hard to see ...


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