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 I have the above washer, after changing the coupler I noticed that the
> orange wire coming from the motor terminal block was cut off. The machine
> sounded like it had coins in the front right corner and it it did stop.
> Replaced the broken coupler, found  A small enough connector, and viola` the
> problem persists.
> The tub will fill on all selection, but that's about it. no clocking, no
> agitating, nothing, suggestions please, the wife said she'll be nice to me
> if I can fix it before MOnday!

Model LSQ8543JQ0

did you plug the lid switch back in?

Whirlpool Washer Lid Switch Part # 3949247

I never unplugged it. I thought that it might have been the problem, after reading so many other posts, but my tought was this: if the tub will agitate with the lid open and then prevent to go into spin until the lid is shut up, then the least it should do do is agitate (if it was a lid switch).

did you reconnect the capacitor?

Whirlpool Washer Start Capacitor Part # 8572717

Yes the capacitor was reconnected, nothing else was diconnected except the power, the water inlets/outlets.


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