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Kenmore Washer Series 80 Whirlpool 110.20072990 Simply a HUGE thankyou!


I can't thank you enough.  After being unemployed for over a year and on the verge of eviction and losing utilities i finally got a job but I am still catching up on months of back bills.  Needless to say, when the washer overfilled and flooded the garage, there is NO money to call a repair man or replace.  I really didn't need to be slapped back down just when things are improving.

On your site, found the repair manual and the diagnosis - the air hose to the fill control had come off.  This was a simple, 2 minute DIY repair that a repairman could have charged A LOT for, even for just the house call.

Again, THANK YOU!!!!!  :cheers:

The people on this site are a great bunch! We are all doing what we can to make life a little better for those in need of help thereby allowing you to spend your money on your family, bills, food, etc. I have always believed the old saying, "What goes around comes around". The good one does for others will somehow find its way back  O0

Glad to hear that you got your washer repaired and that you found our site helpful. 

Thanks for the feedback.  O0


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