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GE front-end loader will stip mid-cycle and will not properly spin/drain


hello!  I have a GE washer model number wcvh6260fww.  I dont know if these two issues are related or not, but there are several times in the cycle that the door will unlock and stop the cycle until I go hit start again (can happen up to 3 times a cycle).   The spin and drain functions do not work properly in the speed wash cycle either, although I can go back and do a rinse and spin cycle and it will work fine.  Any ideas on how to fix this?

Model wcvh6260fww

hello, any takers on this topic?  I need help figuring this out.  The sping cycle and drain functions have stopped working properly, and not sure what I need to do to fix it.

If the pump is blocked or cannot discharge the water from the tub in a pre-determined time, the machine will shut down. Your  first project would be to remove the lower  panel and check the pump for debris. Most of these have a filter cartridge that can be removed to dump the debris.


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