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Whirlpool Washer possible timer issues

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Sounds like a thermal overload. Is the motor hot to the touch? I had two 3-4 year old Whirlpool yesterday where the inner basket was rubbing the outer plastic basket/tub on the bottom and was sagging. I spent quite a time till I figured out this was the cause. Installed two seperate trannies, clutch, brakes, etc. First time I have ever came across this issue whith Whirlpools. If you grab the inner basket and pull up there should be little if no play/give. If it is dragging, you will have slow spin or an overheated/thermal overload issue.

After a good deal of experimenting.  I think it does sound like Thermal overload.  I went through the timer again and tightended everything.  Ran it on 10 Normal, when it went from High to Low agitation, it lasted this time 30 seconds and then shut down.  I unplugged and moved timer to rinse.  Waited 3 min and it started up in spin.  Finished cycle.  What am I looking at?  Thank you all.

You could have a shorted motor switch. Not the overload though. The cent switch. Thats the thing you plug the harness into on the motor. Seen it.

Replace the timer and be done. The timer is telling the motor to run at  two speeds at once, something it is unaccustomed to :)

If you have no amprobe, you could confirm the tmer as a problem by refering to the schematic and temporarily cut the low speed wire that goes to the motor, then if it works in the normal wash timer setting, that would confirm a bad timer.


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