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Whirlpool Washer possible timer issues

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Washer fills agitates, when it gets to past 10 on the timer, it kicks in to slow agitation for a second then stops, won't do anything.  If I move the dial around and try other settings it doesnt do anything.  I wait a few minutes and then put it on spin Perm Press it starts to spin and drain.  I checked lid switch, no issues.  I pulled control panel and timer appeared to be in tight.  Timers are 110.00 for this...yikes.  It is only 4 yrs not quite 5 yrs.  Any thoughts?  I want to be sure it is the timer before I shell out the cash.

Model LSQ9110PW4

Make sure the lid switch screws are tight and check the timer socket. I worked on one a while back and the socket was loose.The whole thing was half way out the timer.

It is possible your motor is shutting down on thermal overload. If you can get an amprobe, check the motor current, should not be well over 9 amps.
 On your timer Part#3954071, I would pull the cover off and check for burnt contacts, this would confirm a bad timer.

Another possibility is sand or small clothing in the pump.

You also could have dragging brake shoes. Pull the outer washer cover, remove the motor and pump and turn the tranny coupler clockwise. If very hard to turn after the tranny engages the spin basket, you have either something stuck in the tub, or dragging brake shoes.


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