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Neptune Bearing Repair - Pic Tutorial

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Neptune Bearing Repair - Pic by crystal368

just want to let everyone know the tutorial has been revised for the better, i hope. ;D 

This is a Great Turorial....  Thank You.

A few questions: 
1. Do you have the part number for the Seal Kit you used.
2. I figure the Bearings do not come in a Kit..  What bearings did you use and where did you get them.

Thank You Very Much.


I suspect many people have ended up on this thread after researching "Maytag Neptune washer bearing replacement."  I appreciate the time and effort the original poster had taken to show the process, and included how to make your own DIY tools. 

About a year ago, my Maytag Neptune front loader began making horrible noises after 15 years of use.   Consequently, I did my due diligence and studied as much as I could to find how to make the repair, and then purchased the bearings and seal parts off ebay.  After completion everything was working fine, however, in just a matter of a few months it started to make noise again, in the spin cycle, and continued to get louder and louder over time.

After further research I discovered that it really didn't pay to buy inexpensive bearings since they were most likely counterfeit and cheaply made compared to OEM bearings. 

Bloomberg, just release a news article about the industry of counterfeit ball bearings.  Unlike high-priced counterfeit fashion items, counterfeit ball bearings are rarely ever discussed or considered as a possibility, but account for a higher dollar amount in actual counterfeiting products than people realize.  Consequently, counterfeit ball bearings cost industry a tremendous amount of money for lost productivity as a result of premature failures, some of which can be life threatening etc. 

You can review the article here:  The Dangerous Game Behind Fake Ball Bearnings

The moral of the story is to find a reputable bearing distributor and purchase high-quality stainless steel name brand bearings like FAG (Germany), SKF (Sweden), Timken or CQ GMBH (Germany) or end up with the possibility of doing this repair more often than it should be done. 


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