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Whirlpool direct drive washer won't spin


I have a Whirlpool direct drive model # LSQ9549LW0.  It is 7 years old, and was in storage for 2-years.  It came out of storage summer of 2008.
Last month started having the “Washer won't spin” problem.  Everything else seems to work fine.  Took it apart, coupler seemed fine, but the clutch was very dirty, lots of little black bits of rubber.  Also, some oil had collected on the plate that surrounds the coupler and on the bottom of the clutch.  Just enough to cover one finger.

So, replaced the clutch, and it seems there is some oil coming from the shaft seal.

My question is, once I have the clutch off, how do I replace the shaft seal?
Do I have to open the gear box?

Model LSQ9549LW0

Nothing to it. Just remove the cover plate and knock out the old seal. Oil the new seal and tap it in even using a wooden or rubber mallet. Ease the cover back in position and do not over tighten the cover. Use some gasket sealer. I use perma-tex 2 because it don't dry out.

Usually these seals will not go bad, but tranny's do. You might have a tranny ready to fail. Excessive oil discharge is the first syptom.


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