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Frigidaire intermittent vibrating noise

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Frigidaire CRER7900AS1 Dryer. It heats, it dry's and works perectly. The problem is it has this vibrating noise every so often. It just started after 7 years.

So, I bought a Maintenance Kit and replaced the following:

Rear bearing (the metal ball, plastic cup, little ball bearing and new grease)
New belt
New tensioner pulley
New upper and lower felt
1 knob

All of these were worn out so I felt good putting it back together. It spins great! Heats good. still vibrates, its almost a humming vibration and it will start soft, then get really loud and then stop all of a sudden. Movign the dryer seems to have an effect although I can't seem to get any one particular movement to make a difference. I even leveled it out. I watched the heating element to make sure it s not happening only when heating or not heating and there is no pattern. Help! What could it be?

Maybe you have something in the blower housing doing that.

I vacuumed it out. I figured it would be gone if it was in there. I will take that apart tomorrow and look. I thought maybe there was some type of solenoid that was sticking and making the noise. that is what it sounds like. Like the starter solenoid of a 79 Ford F150 351W that is gone bad. lol

My wife has a load of luandry init now and its pretty steady now. Its a loud humming/buzzing. Would a recording of the noise help? Not sure how I will get it but I can try.

Yeah record the sound


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