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Frigidaire Frontload Washer Won't Spin

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Frigidaire Washer seems to cycle normally , pumps out water, but agitates both directions slowly at the end of the cycle when it should be spinning, then shuts off with about 7 minutes remaining on cycle (quick wash).  I have noticed the pump empties the tub fairly quickly, but continues to run dry after all water is gone for 2 or 3 minutes.  I can probably fix this thing with your help, but at this point I can't even identify this machine. Also, do I understand correctly that I can order parts (even electrical) here and send them back if they don't solve my problem? Thanks for any help you can provide.

The model number is important so try to find it again, usually inside the door or on the back panel but it sounds like a bad speed control board. The board should be mounted on the inside bottom of the machine. There should also be a tech sheet inside the machine to help you test the components.


Unit spins fine during diagnostic test #9 on tech sheet.  Got a ERR#47.  I think I will try a door lock replace first.  Any thoughts on how I order without a model number?

The model was not listed on the tech sheet?


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