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--- Quote from: iKorp on November 01, 2009, 01:51:15 PM ---I'll get to work :)
I'll do it as a 1000px by 1000px just for the high quality-ness :P
Any specifics you want (color/icon/etc.)?

--- End quote ---

Blue seems to be a good color for us, but I'm open to seeing anything you think would be good.

I have a screen saver that features various appliance parts and those 3 logos I did in 2 minutes this morning began to show up on my screen saver. They look good! I think I will put em on my site for fun LOL! O0

Hey, This sounds Great! Love to be the winner for Appliance Junk Logo Contest. Wish Fred Sanford was around to get a little advice, Thanks A. Jade BREEZE APPLIANCE PARTS and TECHNICAL SERVICES

Well you certainly got the attention of us who like to enter contest.  Will have ponder this one a bit.

Here are some logos from other companies in the appliance business.

Just some examples of what the big boys are using for logos. :)

I think they all look very professional.


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