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Money Matters: Energy Star Rebate Program Update


If you're counting on that stimulus money rebate program for appliances before you get a new refrigerator or washing machine, you may be wondering what's taking so long.  We have an update on what's happening with South Dakota's $772,000 share designed to give consumer rebates on Energy Star appliances.

Sommer Anstine is remodeling her home and in the market for all new appliances.

"We're trying to stay in the $2,500 to $3,000 rage," Sommer Anstine said.

Anstine likes the idea of getting money back on any of those Energy Star appliances.

"Definitely, if you can get a little better deal and save some energy at the same time, that's a great deal," Anstine said.

The state submitted its rebate plan to the Department of Energy this month and now must wait up to 60 days for approval. That means it's going to be awhile before consumers can cash in on the rebates.

"Best guesstimate, and that's exactly what it is: a guesstimate, is probably after the first of the year. How it comes out, what form it comes out, whether consumers mail in the rebate or whether it's dealer assisted rebate, all those details haven't been made public," Tom Johnson of Karl's said.

The state rebate program is not the only one coming down the pike. Several other programs are in place. For example, the city is giving $125.00 rebates for front load washers if you live in Sioux Falls.

"There are several: Whirlpool, GE, KitchenAide, Frigidaire offering rebates and manufacturers are bringing out another rebate program November 4," Johnson said.

The chance to cash in on multiple rebates, including one from the state is enough to make Anstine hold off on making her appliance purchases.

"We can wait a little bit.  So if it's a month or so, we can wait in order to get the rebates. It definitely will be worth it," Anstine said.

The state says itís premature to release any details on its rebate plan until it's approved by the Department of Energy.

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