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Frigidaire Side by Side Not Freezing

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How often should the freezer fan be on?

How often should the fridge fan be on?

fan will be on then the compressor is running... if you have a meter you can check it for power.


--- Quote from: ssanders14 on October 30, 2009, 01:47:21 PM ---The condenser coil and back panel had some frost build up so I unplugged the Fridge for 24 - 36 hours so it could thaw out.

--- End quote ---

Frost on the rear of the freezer section shows possible defrost heater or terminator has fail. have you checked em?

How do I check for these: heater has continuity and the defrost termination thermostat has continuity

If both have continuity that leaves only the adc board. Those used to sell for around $20 to be a hundred bucks maybe they are new and improved. You can sub out that board for a plain jane old timer on some models but if yours is a side by side I don't believe you can. Not sure.


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