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Frigidaire Side by Side Not Freezing

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Have we determined that the fan IS running? The cold air should blow in your face at the top of the freezer. There is a vent on the rear wall a little over half way up, when the compressor is on the fan should be running. I have changed a lot of fan motors in Frigidare & a lot of defrost thermostats. You have determined that the thermostat is closed. Ohm out the fan motor first.

I haven't determined anything is working yet. I can figure out if the fans are working, but I'm not sure how to test the other things mentioned. A description on how to check these things would be helpful. Thank You.

The fans inside and outside should be running while the compressor is. Every 8 hours or so the fans and compressor should shut down so that the frost can be removed for 21 minutes or thereabouts. If your defrost components are all good then replace that defrost board.

Some manuals for you to look through

The automatic defrost control board was the issue with my Fridge. The control board was causing the condenser fan to not run thus not circulating the cold air throughout the fridge. Thank You.

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