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ge ref please help

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--- Quote from: JWWebster on October 31, 2009, 04:15:50 PM ---If you look at the replacement part below, their is no connection at all, so that tells me you just cut and splice:
Thermister WR25X10025
I gotta tell you I have worked on older model ice boxs without all this fancy stuff, the terminator( defrost thermal disc) always comes cut and splice, I bet this one does too.

--- End quote ---

Thanks JWWebster

I will try that as soon as part arrived on Mon/Tue just one quick question need to solder this wire to joint or just twist and put electrical tap or something else.

Thanks for all your help.


Use some wire nuts to make the connection

You could use butt connectors and shrink tape to keep corrosion at a minimum.


--- Quote from: Mr.Bob on November 01, 2009, 09:12:01 AM ---Use some wire nuts to make the connection

--- End quote ---

Thanks Mr. Bob I use that.


Now I change  Refrigerator Thermistor WR55X10025 still same problem all ice in refrigerator side.

GE WR55X10025 Temperature Sensor, AP3185407

Below the list of new parts already change.

New main board
New interface
new refrigerator thermistor

still temp on electronic interface reads 83 (But everything in side frozen) an freezer side 0. everything fine in freezer.

damper open closed fine.
Now i am clue less any idea?



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