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Author Topic: looking for HQ no frills oven  (Read 4680 times)

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Re: looking for HQ no frills oven
« Reply #10 on: October 27, 2009, 09:29:17 PM »

Todays newer space age models have a huge row of copper windings mounted on the base. They have what you  call the rotor on a starter, (the spinning thingy), mounted at the base of the agitator and inner tub. The whole shebang is powered up by an inverter that changes you perfectly fine ac power to dc 3 phase even. This 3 phase dc is distributed to that array of copper windings through an insanely complex system of computer boards that judge everything from water temperature and water pureness to speed of agitation and rpms. To amuse themselves they have cleverly burried a binary code that relays info to tell you and me what to fix. To keep track of where the tub is at all times another computer is needed to relay that info back to the main computer. Starting to get the picture. Wait there's more: If all them fancy electronix was actually made from top rate material instead of stolen tail lights of JB Hunt trailers parked to close to the border then the machines might be worth the money but then again every time a voltage spike occurs from a blackout or a thunder storm rolls in and hits the transformer right there next to the utility room....starting to get the picture? Have we traded a $150 transmission for a dang space shuttle? Me and my buddy Robert are working on ways to make them new fangled machines we grab off the curb a bit more greener. We figure by sitting the dryer into a black painted glass box with a handle to crank it we can transform that gadgetry into a passive washer dryer using rainwater and beer cans. Hay Who knows? you might be buying that crap right now. Ha Ha
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Re: looking for HQ no frills oven
« Reply #11 on: October 28, 2009, 02:01:19 PM »
150.00 transmission, you must have big time connections I have a low end Admiral washer
and the trans for that is 250.00 plus and that was the lowest price I could see on the

If you ever wanted a career change, you have appliance industry spokesmen skills you
made dime store electronics sound like it came right out of the space shuttle, what are
they putting in the water down there? LOL

this guy summed up things the best, nice to know I am not alone, "excerpt below taken
from the Samurai fixitnow site a highly experienced appliance repairman I would think" I do
not want to include a link don't know if that's proper here or not.

Most appliances today use electronic circuit boards. For example, many appliances use an “electronic control system” consisting of a dime-store calculator LCD display, a plastic touch pad, and a cheesy circuit board, all made in a Chinese sweat shop. Although these boards are manufactured for pennies, replacement circuit boards sell for big bucks, sometimes hundreds of dollars, and are the single most profitable replacement part that any appliance manufacturer sells."

I could not have said it any better myself, I also found out Viking and GE are very
restrictive with their technical service information, while Whirlpool and Frigidaire  at the
moment make their service information freely available. I also called Whirlpool and they are
sending me out another transmission it was under warranty but not the labor, and he
sounded knowledgeable and as American as apple pie. personally I have a whole new
positive outlook towards Whirlpool. we will see if the trans comes.


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