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GE dishwasher won't drain

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My portable "GE Pot Scrubber Quiet Power Plus" dishwasher won't drain at all. It fills with water and washes...water comes out of the spray arm in the bottom (does this mean pump and motor both work?) My husband checked the solenoid and it reads 30 ohms. Also checked it visually and can see it operate when it should drain. I took off and cleaned the screen at the back, the screen "cage" in the bottom middle and the float mechanism. It still won't drain. Any ideas what to look for next? Thanks in advance ;)

Model GSC8430ST119

When the solenoid flap opens the water should discharge. This motor only goes one direction. While washing the flap is shut and the water is diverted to the tub. To get rid of the water the flap is opened and water gets ejected out the machine. The solenoid may be working but I bet the flap is broken. Seen it.

 Sounds like it could be a plugged drain hose if it is spraying water when it should be draining. Pull the drain hose off and inspect both ends.

"if it is spraying water when it should be draining". It doesn't do this. It runs through the whole cycle like normal, only it doesn't drain.

As Major said, check the discharge by removing the hose from the far end, such as at the sink. If you have recently replaced the disposer, perhaps the plug was not removed from the drain nipple.


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