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HotPoint dryers not heating up.


We had our washer go out so we bought a matching set of HotPoints from the wifes friend.

We took our old W/D out and put the new set in. Well the ner dryer wasnt heating so I just brought the old dryer back in and now its not heating.

So in a nut shell

Old dryer was heating good,
Brought old dryer in, it didnt heat
Brought the old dryer back in and now it isnt heating.

Any ideas of what could cause this problem? The only thing I did was change the power cord.

My wife is driving me nuts about this thinking I am Tim "The Toolman" Taylor and I am lost.

If you can, Please help..

New Dryer
Model - NVL333EY0WW
Serial - TV721215W

Old Dryer
Model - DLB1550RALWH
Serial - SH244548H

I didnt see a place to edit, But I messed up,

Nutshell is

Old dryer was heating and working good
Brought new dryer in, It didnt heat
Took new dryer out, Brought old dryer back in now it doesnt heat.

All I did was replace the power cord.

Did you swap out the cords by any chance? Have you tested the connection where the cord is attached for 240 volts? Perhaps it is wired wrong or the breaker is half-tripped.  There is a right way and a wrong way to wire the cords.

See Instructions

I used the same cord on both. It came off the old dryer. The cord is hooked up the same way I took it off. As for the breaker being half tripped. I dont know. Should I turn it off then reset it?

I reset the breaker and it worked like a charm, the old dryer is heating again. I didnt know that a breaker would half trip. I thought if it was running then it was good.

I truly appreciate your fast response to this. Now my wife is happy go lucky..

Thank You


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