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Have an older GE electric dryer madel no DDE6200PJ serial no FA234161G the heating element is not coming on.Have good volage to machine and thru to element,but it doesnot work.Looking for info on how to take out and replace the wire element.

it has 220v across the element ?

Ues it does,but the element does not come on.I am looking for info on how to replace the wire element.Thank you

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open the door and take out the screws directly under the top of the portal. this will allow the top to come up like a hood on a car. Next remove the front panel by taking out the screws located inside the front. and lifting off the front panel door and all. Next take off the rear hatch exposing the idler pully and motor. Take the tension off the belt so you can remove the drum. Look at the center of the rear of the dryer and remove that small panel that accesses the rear bearing E clip remove the  E clip holding the rear bearing. Remove the drum. The heating element is located on the rear wall.Thats a picture of it below. Remove it(make a note of which wires goes where. Most of the time they will stay put but I like to mark them anyway.4 screws hold the element heater pan and she will come right off the back wall for easy servicing. The kit will have 2 strands of coils and they are NOT pre stretched. You must stretch them out. They MUST NOT HAVE big gaps in the coils, look at the old coils, the new coils must be even all around or she will burn out quickly. I put 1 end ot the coil on a clamp on the work bench and I grab the other end and ease the wire outslowly working it back and forth till it is relaxed and the coils are evenly spaced at the correct length. One of the coils is about 46 inchs and the other around 42 inchs,I don't remember the exact length but directions do come with this kit. The old coil gets yanked out, but take your time while putting the new one in. NO GAPS! or it will have hot spots and burn up ! Remember to stretch the coils BEFORE stringing through the porcelan standouts. It is a piece of cake. And while you are at it get out all the lint from behind the drum. It only takes one tiny piece of lint to fall on the element and BOOM she is needing another restringing. It is also way easier to remove the element pan and put it on the bench to restring it. NO GAPS now ya hear? LOL you can do it :2funny:


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