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GE Washer #WJRE5550H0WW wont spin


Washer will not spin or agitate but will fill with water and pump water out. Replaced the motor. Lid switch works. I am suspecting the pressure switch or main board. Please advise.

Model WJRE5550H0WW

How do you check the lid switch? Are you using a voltmeter or just your ears?

There's a mini-manual in the top console for you to use ...

did you check your invert light for errors?

Try this if you have a light on the motor ... unplug for 30 sec... plug back in then with 10 sec open and close the lid 5 time then put into spin ... you may have to try 3 or three time to get the timing right...

this will reset the invert...

the green light should blink 1 once a sec... if not let me know how it blinks ..


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