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Refrigerator Evaporator Fan Testing?

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LG Refrigerator Model: LRBN2251 or LRBC2252


I'm somewhat new to this type of repair. This question is based off my last post:

My evaporator fan isn't working.

I have a few questions...

I have a Cen-Tech Multimeter, Model 92020.

How do I test the refrigerator voltage going to my evaporator fan?

Is it AC or DC?

Is the White center wire the negative, and the Gray and Purple wires positives?

How do I check the resistance on the fan itself?

Check it in Ohms?

Red to one positive, and Black to negative (White)?

Then test the other positive with the White negative again?

Also, the compressor and fan in the rear are working.

Thanks for all replies,

I just replaced one of these fans yesterday on a 22522 model,  bottom freezer.   It is a 2 speed fan.   If you run the refrigerator into test mode (hold express cooling,  and freezer colder touchpad buttons together for 3 seconds refrigerator will go into test mode)  you will get power to the fan on test 1.   compressor will run,  and you should get 120 volts AC to fan plug.   Reason for three wires - 2 speed fan.      If you're getting 120 between white (neutral ) and one of the other wires,   you have a bad fan and must be replaced.     To get out of test mode,   you must do this (pushing pad buttons together )   twice to return refrigerator to run mode.  test 2,  by the way,  tests defrost system.       

I imagine the 2 speeds are needed for the express cool function. With one speed for regular duty and another higher speed to quickly add a lot of cold air.

Exactly, JW, on the express cooling feature.  WHAT HAPPENED TO THE SIMPLE SINGLE SPEED FAN THAT WOULD RUN FOR 20 YEARS????   I had about 10 fan motors in my truck on the first trip to that house.   Of course,   no 2 speed fans in that mix.   These fans seem to be failing pretty fast.   I'm going to stock one of these on the truck as a lot of people have bought LG (Lotsa Grief, right? )   Found another LG today that has erratic defrost times,  actually thawing out the freezer during defrost.   Turning the ice cubes to water during defrost.   No error codes.   Bad board.  2nd one I've had like this already.   Last one,  replaced board and all was well.   Thank you,  Korea! 

Save yer old boards and send em to Bruce.


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