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How many appliance manufactures are really out there?

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I have all Maytag appliances,except for my 1938 O'Keefe & Merritt range and a Whirlpool trash compactor. Maytag washer(belt 9 years ago) & dryer(belt & blower wheel 7 years ago) are 24+ years old & work great. 16 year old dishwasher (no service ever),14 year old refrigerator ( defrost heaters 6 years ago.)20 year old freezer is an Amana 0 trouble.I WISH THEY WERE STILL BUILT LIKE THIS NOW! Not like it used to be. I am an ex- OL'Lonely guy


--- Quote from: PARTech on October 21, 2009, 07:00:43 PM ---Part of the best also is to consider which model.  If your Admiral washer has a belt it is on the old Maytag design.  The Whirlpool design has no belt, could be the same with the oven.  

The major companies are Whirlpool, GE, Electrolux, and LG.  They own most of the names you see.  Bosch has Thermadore, Seimens, and Gaggin (I can't say it let alone spell that last one). SubZero owns Wolf.  Fischer Paykel owns DCS.  Maybe more but that is what I can remember off the top of my head.

PS - The wife loves the Bosch line......  And yes, Hotpoint is owned by GE. :)

--- End quote ---

No belt design, you scare me, sounds really expensive to fix, but that's a mute point
anyway I will fix this admiral washer no matter what breaks in the future we some how
bonded, to much up close time together I guess. plus were broke.

My goal is to make our Admiral washer and dryer last until at least 2015 I think that's fair

I have this forum for help which is a great thing to know, I would have fixed that Maytag
oven if not for the board being the problem, I read online of boards turning on the oven
if not installed correctly, I don't know if that's half baked gossip or what, (no pun intended)

Thanks Guys for letting me vent I feel much better now

Many appliances now use printed circuit boards as their control system. Regardless of brand these boards seem to have a short life.
Utility power surges have a negative effect on these boards.

"No belt design, you scare me, sounds really expensive to fix".......

A direct drive coupling is used,cost about $20. Easy to replace.


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