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Author Topic: Help with fuse for Maytag drying center upper cabinet steamer heater  (Read 5663 times)

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The upper cabinet on my Maytag Neptune Drying Center stopped heating. Just prior to that it seemed for a few days like it was running too hot. There was no problem with the blower.

It turned out the steamer heater thermistor was bad, so my husband replaced it along with the steamer heater thermostat. The steamer heater thermal fuse had blown as well. I bought what is apparently the only replacement thermal fuse Maytag offers for this dryer -- it comes in a kit along with 2 hi-limit thermostats, one for the gas model and one for the electric model. However these are for the lower dryer, not the upper dryer. It seems like the thermal fuse in the kit is meant for the lower dryer, as well.

Husband installed the fuse anyway, and it immediately blew. He temporarily bypassed it to test everything, and all worked fine. We ran the upper cabinet for 3 hours, checked the temp constantly, and the maximum heat went no higher than 150. Specs say upper cabinet max is 140. He also checked the heating element and connections thoroughly and couldn't find anything that would have caused a short. (Before anyone yells at me, no, I haven't been using the dryer without the fuse.)

The original fuse is a button-type L300. The replacement that blew is also a button-type L300, but not exactly the same. The steamer heater fuse shows up on the troubleshooting schematic, but when I called Maytag today they told me the only fuse they offer for this dryer is the one I already bought.

Should the replacement fuse have worked OK because it's a L300 like the original, even if somewhat different? If so, what else could have caused it to blow? If not, where do I find an exact replacement? There is a steamer heater wiring harness replacement kit, could it be included in that? The Maytag rep had no photo of the kit and no list of what's included.

Model MCG8000AW

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Re: Help with fuse for Maytag drying center upper cabinet steamer heater
« Reply #1 on: October 27, 2009, 11:36:33 PM »
Yes the fuse should have worked ok. You may have just gotten a bad one. Double check everything again.It should not have fried unless there is a short when you just start it. Check your board also.

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Re: Help with fuse for Maytag drying center upper cabinet steamer heater
« Reply #2 on: October 28, 2009, 06:50:33 AM »
Check the thermister (te,perature) located on the blower housing. It should read 10K OHMS at room temp. If it does not, this might explain why it allows the unit to overheat. The board only does what this part tells it to.

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