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Maytag washer burns drive belt

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I have an older Maytag washer with two belts underneath.  

I just put new belts on thinking that was the problem but without success.

When the washer has no clothes, it spins and drains just fine.   When it is loaded with clothes it burns the belt connected to the main drive and transmission.

Is this a tension problem?   The pump is positioned as far away from the motor wheel already.

Model LAT9334AAL

how does it do with the pump belt removed?

Spins without the pump belt installed


--- Quote from: krylon on October 18, 2009, 03:28:37 PM ---Spins without the pump belt installed

--- End quote ---

To clarify, this is without water or clothes in the tank.   The drum spins up to speed just fine.   

When I first noticed it was burning a belt, I think the washer was trying to agitate which isn't working.     However when I set it to spin, the drum slowly ramped up to speed and the pump came on and emptied the drum.

That pump got anythang in it?


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