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AM-50BAE Hoshizaki Ice Machine will not Harvest

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Earl Dryer:
Ice Machine Makes cubes and goes into harvest cycle; pump stops, water fills about 30 seconds, compressor continues to run no reversing valve (do get an occasional voltage spike). Have no tech's on this guy but wiring diagram indicate a relay on the control board the N.O. contact being the Reversing Valve & the N.C. contact being the pump. The relay is working if the pump shuts down but why do get a momentary voltage reading then nothing. I have seen relays do crazy things so I am assuming that I have a bad control board. Any ideas on where to find a board and the tech manual for this puppy?
The board Part # is 463046-01.

Manny for AM-50BAE

Get the parts here:

Edit: from the parts manual it looks to me like their is a hot gas solenoid on this model.

Earl Dryer:
Thanks, JW that is where I got the part # but they don't have it in stock, Need one yesterday, if you know what I mean. Went to the Hoshizaki site Can't afford there 348 smackers. Smack me silly that's twice as much as partstown.

Earl Dryer:
JW there is a hot gas valve but I ain't gettin no juice to it.


Here is a condensed version.
Check the X1 X2 relays and the thermister.


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