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looking to get Back into service& repair


we'll I hope to get into the repair,service of residential appliance's,I do HVAC & commercial appliances,my problem is !!back in the day when I did start{before hvac}ther wasnt as many[ALL}applianceces useing PC boards ???? is where can I get accurate service manuels to freshen up my skills??? hope some one can lend a hand

Al Capone:

--- Quote ---where can I get accurate service manuels
--- End quote ---

Service Manuals

Why have you decided to get back into service and repair?

HI Al,we'll Im into fixen things[appliances]lately ive been doing some minor things to friends ref's etc and they all got boards,all of the appliances's front load washers,D/W,etc.and honestly I dont care to mess them expensive appliances up,know what i mean?? im looking to learn agin the new appliances,good by wig wags[lol]

I have a ton of manuals

thank you any and All  info Is apreciated!!


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