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My Frigidaire FEF365ASG oven WON'T turn off and digital display is not working.  It does not have a self cleaning oven.  This was given to me and I do not know when, what or if the problems began at the same time.

I am thinking that it may be in the control panel, but I am just a woman guessing.

Any help is greatly appreciated

I have some quicktime movies that may give you an idea:

LO Voltage notes

Hi voltage notes

I was wrong the Display is blank when I turn oven on and oven does not turn on

Can some please help?

Any time you get a 'gift horse', there's always a catch. In this case I suspect you need a new oven control, shown below. Since you are a "woman guessing", consider me a technician guessing. :)

Oven Control for your model- click pic

One more thing.  The burners, broiler and self cleaning all work.   So would this still be the clock/timer.

I did get the oven to come on, after I held the bake button for a few seconds.  But now it is not coming on again.


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