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    Special Tips on combination microwave ovens

* Know the wattage of your oven. Most published recipes are for 700-watt ovens, so if yours is less or more than 700 watts, learn how to increase or decrease cooking times. We provide handy Conversion Charts at this site.

    * When you try a new recipe, jot down the results right on the recipe so that next time you will know the changes or adjustments you need to make. Cook frozen foods while still frozen unless a recipe gives directions for defrosting.

    * Use only white paper towels and use them carefully. Don't put one in an empty hot browning dish or place the hot dish on one.

    * Remove plastic wrap carefully from hot food. Lift up the farthest edge and pull it toward you so the steam will be released away from you.

    * Use metal measuring cups for both liquid and dry measurements. The glass measuring cups normally used for liquid measurement allow too much variation in amounts, producing variations in result.

    * Learn to use browning utensils properly. Leave the heated utensil in the oven between steps: it is safer, and heat is not lost by carrying the utensil back and forth.


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