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Washer not agitating or spinning

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Bill LBSR:
I have a Whirlpool washer Model #LSB6300LW0 Serial#CP0220002 Type 111. I don't know how old it is, cause it came with the house. It fills up but when it gets to the point of starting the agitation cycle it doesn't move and all I hear is a grinding/clicking noise. I tried to turn the agitator by hand but it doesn't move. Any help would be appreciated. I'm new to this site, but looks like it has alot of good info on it. Thanks.

Will it drain?  With the info you have given it sounds like a drive coupler...

Bill LBSR:
It drains if I turn the knob around to the end of the wash cycle.

Check the motor coupler first.
This pdf guide will show you how.

Bill LBSR:
Thanks for the info and the fast replies. I'll check out the coupler and report back.


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