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I believe I understand the properties of R134a a little better than the both of you, no offense, and am trying to save you the heartache of investing more money into a "pit". Follow your wife's intuition if you want to disregard my advice...let us know how it works out for you if you decide otherwise. Just trying to help you here.

a cheap can of gas and an a-1 tap is less than 10 bucks

You just gotta push the issue, huh? Well I hope he takes your advice JW. And I also hope his wife unloads on you afterwards when the thing fails completely, ruining a load of groceries. Think with your dipstick, Jimmy.


--- Quote ---Think with your dipstick, Jimmy.
--- End quote ---
  :2funny: :rofl:

I ain't saying buy out Omaha steaks when you see the frostline. Dayum it boy.


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