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Frigidaire chest freezer

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--- Quote from: Repair-man on October 03, 2009, 02:04:55 AM ---
Makes a gooey whitish restriction in the cap tube and pretty much the whole sealed system. Since the tubing in most chest freezers is basically hidden within the cabinet, any leak that also draws in air is mostly impossible to repair.  Maytag for instance recommends replacing the evaporator, compressor and condenser in the case of a low-side leak due to this phenomena.

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That substance build up is basically wax and the best way to treat this problem is pressure backflushing with a product called internal coil cleaner. Once the system is clean use an oversized filter dryer with an activated charcoal core such as a C-032 or C-052-HH.  In any case it can be a difficult repair and time consuming repair, assuming the leak is found!), definitely not a job for the average joe.

I agree with you shieldcracker and JW...I think you really have to get in to the system to have a fair diagnosis of the system..without heat exchange there could be many causes...

If it was me I would shoot a little gas in it and hope for the best.It might work a day or it could go another 5 years. Seen it.

I'm with you JW... shoot some gas in it. Heck, if it doesn't work he's going to get another freezer anyway. If it were me, I would spend a few bucks to find out before shelling big bucks on a new freezer. Ditto again on the 50/50 chance it will work and If it has any gas in it at all it shouldn't need to be evacuated... just shoot some refrigerant in it.


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