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   I would like to thank the people who helped me with my GE SS fridge problem. It turned out to be the compressor. I replaced the compressor and it has been working fine since.
   I have a Frigidaire chest freezer model #MFC13M4FW3, MFG date 1999. The unit stopped cooling and everything melted. I unplugged the unit and plugged it back in and in less than 5 seconds the compressor made a click noise and was silent. I checked inside the compressor compartment and the relay was burned at the bottom. I removed the relay and replaced with a 3 in 1 start device which was left over from the fridge project. When I plugged the unit in the compressor now starts. I left the unit plugged in for 8 hours, but it would not cool. Power is reaching the temp control and the compressor. The compressor is warm to the touch, but none of the lines coming off the compressor are cool. I am open to suggestions. Let me know if you need more information.
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You likely have a loss of freon due to a hidden link. If it runs but won't cool, this is the logical assumption. Chest freezers are a dime a dozen and leak repair is next to impossible. Get yourself down to the retail store and find another one.

I looked up the compressor. It is r134a,says so on the side. You know I would get a small can of r134a and put in about 1/3 rd of a can. Making sure no air got into it. I bet that freezer would go some more.

JW, if the unit is on 134a and it lost the charge, it also ingested copious amounts of air at the leak. Therfore the compressor is contaminated and basically doomed. Why put this customer thru any more expense when she could go out and get a new one or by some dry ice to tide her over.

As we know, air infiltration will turn the R134 to gel, causing a system-wide restriction. Too late to re-charge.

Thank you for the prompt answers. Yes the unit is 134a. A unit this size would cost areound $450 -$550 new. Any chance the thermostat is bad? Could I solder a fill tube on and charge with a can of 134a plus leak sealer? The lines from the compressor have a rust like appearance at the brazed joints. A new compressor starts at $170 so I would be OK spending that to fix the unit. I can hear a faint moving water like sound inside the unit when the compressor is running.
   Repair man, my wife is on the same page as you "get rid of it and buy a new one."


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