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    The front tub rubber seal on my washer (model WM2277HM) has a tear in it, so the washer leaks water when i use it. please let me know how i can fix or replace it (please provide part number if possible). Thank you!

LG 4986ER0004B Gasket, AP4439002

you'll also need:

LG 383EER4001A Plier, Washing Machine, AP4438623

I use a tool call a Shark clamp..I found at harbor freight.. it is a two way clamp I just  made a small mod to the jaws and it will work on any door spring...

I just use a small wood clamp and a cotter pin puller, works on just about any brand except the GE inner boot clamp.  Nothing makes that one easy....  But I'm sure gonna check out the shark clamp thing next time I go in to civilization.  :)

Thank you for replying...How would i remove the gasket?


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