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Roper washer fills and quits

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Thanks Repair-Man.  I bought the timer from Whirlpool and paid a pretty penny for it too.  The washer is only 2 1/2 years old.  No parts places in town had the timer in stock and said it is rarely the timer.  As a female, I got a lot of flack from the parts places when I was trying to find it.... "Oh, it can't be the timer, they dont go bad that quick"  etc etc.
You would think a timer from the manufacturer would be good.
Thanks again.

Yeah, I had a bad experience from Whirlpool regarding parts just last month....I bought an oven control board (clock) from their rebuild department, seing as they discontinued making the new ones some time back. Got it to the customers house and installed it only  to find it did not work. Funny thing though, it had completely different symptoms from the original issue. So, like a chump, ordered another one. It too proved to be bad. This went on until I had gone thru 4 of them and finally that one worked. Needless to say, this made me look foolish in the eyes of the customer, not to mention the 5 wasted trips out there to perform what should have been a one-time repair. I wish Whirlpool would reimburse me for my  trouble, but I will more likely find a leprechaun before that happens.

Some people will send back an old part and demand a refund on it. Then that old part will go out to another customer. Seen it.


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