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Roper washer fills and quits

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Roper Washer Model RAS7133RQ4 - washer will fill and quit. Won't agitate. I have replaced the timer and the lid switch. Washer will run if I select another cycle for the next part of the cycle.At the end of each part of a cycle it will quit and I have to move to another cycle to get it to work.

I saw this problem the other day. The timer's harness was loose. I shoved it back into the timer and fixed it.

My vote goes to a defective wire harness too.

Thanks guys.  Any other suggestions?  I have replaced the timer and the wire harness is pretty tight.

Not sure where you bought the timer, but it need a new one. Yours is defective under the circumstances you describe. Hopefully you didn't get it at some Used parts place :)

Rarley is the harness to blame, although I have seen a bad spot on them once in a blue moon. You must OHM out each wire from the timer to the respective component to track it down.


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