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Where to start ,unit came from a customers home GE was out on it 2 times ,then along came me.Ref side cools great freezer side working fine for about one to two days then warms up.All thermistors check good and were replaced.Fans and heaters were also replaced.Working good.I replaced board this morning and started the beast back up.I have checked all the wiring on the unit back to the board,and it all checks good .Yea, I know I shotguned the board.This animal has me shaking my head .Any ideas or thoughts on what I could be missing . :-\


If the compressor is running while it is warming it could be a restriction in the refrigerant line.

No,I checked all lines and can flood both evaps.Unit has two evaps and both work fine thru the first couple of days after being powered off.Perfect cooling and freezing .Then the freezer starts to warm.But ref side works perfect??

How about the 3 way valve that cycles between the 2 evaps?  Seems more likely that it would be a thermistor but you already checked...

After 8 hours of operation with new board display reads ref 38 really 48 freezer reads 40 and is 40 what am I missing here? :tickedoff:


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