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frigidaire dryer burnt wire

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Hi , I have a Frigidaire FD975ES0 dryer , that started blowing cold air , so I unplugged it and took it a part and checked all the thermal switches and connections and heating element , with a multimeter all were ok . I removed the back cover  for the timed dryer switch and fabric selector switch. and  found a burnt  orange wire coming off of the timer switch, the blade pin on the switch is burnt, so I need  a new timer switch, but what caused this too burn off ? the dryer is 13 years old but only used for 11 years.

Most likely a loose connection. After you replace the terminal connector do a amp draw on the dryer under a load and compare that to the specs.
Since you already have it torn down,check all the wire terminal connectors,including the power cord at the dryer and the power outlet as well as the circuit panel box.

The bad (loose) connection would be that one at the Timer,
but after 13 years, it would be a good idea to check all of them
as  jumptrout51 mentioned ...

The connector on the Wire end may also need to be replaced
if it was over-heated / discolored (oxidation).

Also may need to cut the wire back to a non-discolored section
of the wire for a good connection.

thanks for the info, I figured it was a loose connection, I'm new on this site is there any where you can find the spec for the amp draw.I'm an auto tech I'm used to working on stuff with lower voltage and amps

As long as you know the wattage of the element, say 4800 watts for example, you can use OHM's Law to calculate the amperage.

4800 watts divided by 240 volts= 20.0 amps

You get the idea?


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