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Whirlpool tub shaking an banging like crazy.

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this just started. i've got the case off, and it moves around rather easily by hand, but i can't see anything that appears to be out of whack, or broken. any ideas of what i'm looking for, and what is involved in the repair? i'm to a stopping point doing this on my own, so any help is much appreciated.

Model lsq9549pw0

should be a total of 3 short springs around the base of the tub and one long spring from the bottom to the base of the skate plate.
Skate plate movie. Got any popcorn?  

yeah, the springs are all intact, and in place. the movie doesn't really help me as far as how to test whether this is the issue. it moves around, but i can't tell if it moves around more than normal, since i have no idea what it's suppose to feel like normally.
what is the process to remove the tub? i'm guessing that that is the only way to figure out what's going on?

Doing service procedures like this are a lot more easy if you get the complete video, which is only $24.95. It will show you everything you wish you knew now :)

WP/Kenmore Topload DVD



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