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Top Load Washer Drain Issue


Frigidaire FWX223LBS0 washer. Ok here goes! Dumb husband "me" washes load of clothes yesterday that were very muddy! All went well. Today I wash a load and notice during spin cycle, washer SLOW to drain & not spinning real fast till water is out! I have pulled and checked the screen under tub and screen is clean. Water does drain out the back of the house without a problem! Could I have "Plug'd Up" the pump hoses with gunk/mud? If so, how do I clean it out? Use some kind of "Drain Cleaner" type?

I will not do anything till I hear from the pros here!

Thank YOU For Your Time


You might have to just keep running it till all that mud gets out the washer. I told my mom not to wash a rug the other day and she is still picking rubber out her clothes.


Remove the front panel and also the hose going into the small electric pump you'll find right in front. If something is blocking the flow, it's likely there. Other than that, the outlet from the tub may be gunked up. In this case, fill the washer on the lowest level with very hot water, add a cup of powdered dishwasher detergent and let it circulate a few minutes, then set the timer to drain.

tip: Never use drain cleaner in a will ruin the seals.


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