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Whirlpool Dryer won't keep running after door opened when clothes are dry


this problem started yesterday.  It seems like the dryer  gets too hot and then cools down and it will start up again.  But today it doesn't want to start up again.  Noticed that the inside light shows as being "lit" through the holes in the back of the dryer.  Maybe the 'door latch" isn't working right, because I think this light shouldn't be on when the door is closed.

Please advise.  Thanks so much!

Model Number: LER7646EQ0

no, the light shouldn't be on when the door is closed.

try holding the door switch in, to see if the light goes off. If it does, try starting the dryer. The door switch could be bad/bent/adjusted.

How do you hold the door switch in when the little metal peice goes into the door itself??


You should be able to push in on that little metal piece and hear the door switch click on and off, if it's working.

You should also see the drum light turn on and off.

A lot of times I find that little metal piece is broken and does not work the door switch like it should.

Please let us know what you find.

Replace the start switch.As shown in the link above
I think you need to replace this item. From what you are discribing this is the culprit. Why? Because the dryer is number one not sposed to start on it's own and two if this switch is stuck(and I think it is) it will cause the dryer to get hot and quit.


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