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White Westinghouse Convection Oven

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Dangit I caint even brang that model number up in either my Canada site or us sites

Not even on their website do they mention this model ..great support :)

So I wasn't able to find a direct replacement for that switch, I'd have to modify the metal bracket to fit the one I did find.
The appliance parts place closed just before I got there.
BUT, I did cook in the oven tonight, and after standing infront of it for about an hour, I did notice the following;
On Bake, the thermostat would on occasion not open, the element would still be glowing red even if the temp light went off. 350=ok, 400=not okay, 450=not okay, 500=ok
Could it be the thermostat can develop a dead spot in the temp range?
From what I saw tonight the thermostat is more of a suspect, even the motor with the switches around it is controlled from it.
I way open for suggestions.

You got yourself a bad control there.

Alright, thanks for the confirmation, but the thermostat is discontinued.
How do I go about getting a replacement for it, what should I be asking for as specs;
the capillary length, I guess number of contacts?

Even the big relay (TRO) is discontinued and replaced by a little relay with a wiring harness.

I don't mind spending the money to get this fixed, if it can be fixed.
I'm ready to buy another range, but someone else will want the matching fridge, understand.


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