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I can't seem to find the convection fan element for this range anywhere.
Until today I didn't even know there was another element back there.
Is it possible that when in convection mode all the heat comes from the element around the fan, I had always figures the bottom element was still coming on.
Anyway, no heat on convection, I need to find a replacement and or a replacement part#

Check that model number.

The ovens which contain a convection fan/heater assembly also use the bake element to preheat before the convection fan takes over. For your oven not to heat in the Convect mode suggests other issues, probably at the main control board (clock). If it will heat in the Bake and the Broil modes respectively, then this is likely the case. Westinghouse is not making products in America any longer, so finding the technical information for your model may be difficult for us. The model number you provided does not show up in any database, so recheck the actual numbers stamped in the door area.

Okay Thanks for the info.
I will check to see if the element is open to begin with.
As for the model#, please see attached picture of the sticker on the right side of the bottom drawer.


I think I narrowed it down to one of the limit switches(clean limit switch).

It seems to be intermitant on the N.O. contact, I remember a while back that the oven wouldn't open after a self-clean cycle, and by pulling it out and resetting it to get it to unlock the door, everything worked again.
The self-cleaning has gone through a few more cycles and I'm wondering if it could be related.
BTW the convection element is good, the selector switch is good, so is the thermostat.
The main control board (DG-50689 rev2 from Pressenk) has only one contact which activates a 24v relay.
Any ideas, I'm going to change the switch and take from there.


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