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Dishwasher doesn't fill / need manual


I have a KitchenAid KDS-15 dishwasher that doesn't fill during the wash cycle. I am going to test the inlet valve to see if it functions tomorrow. I checked the coils on it for resistance and continuity and they appear to be OK. I don't have a schematic or timing chart to figure out when and what conditions have to be met for it to turn on.

Door switch?
Pressure switch?
Control panel push button?

Any help would be appreciated



We have these on hand;
ASSORTED KA dw manuals

Mr. Fix-It:
The fill cycle is controled by the timer it's either a bad valve , a stuck or open float switch or burnt out timer contacts. I start by removing the wiring harness to the valve hooking it to a volt meter and then start the dishwasher to see if you get current to the valve. Remember that most dishwashers start with a 2 minute pumpout before they start to fill. If you get a voltage reading then it's a faulty valve.


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