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nedserious are you from Uganda?
You have the Uganda flag showing.

I didn't think I was from Uganda but I am willing to try.  My new official language is Luganda (although I do know some Swahili too), I live in the Nile basin, I love to play cricket and football (soccer to you), and despite the global downturn and regional instability in the world recently, in 2008, my country reported 7% growth.  "Viva Uganda!!"  (ok, I must admit I need to learn my country's slogan still).   O0

Ok, i got a piece of wire and jumped the lid switch and the washer still "bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzes" and nothing happens when in spin/rinse mode.     :(

What are some next things to try???


Take the pump off and see if a item of clothing is in there.


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