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Washer Won't Drain

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Thanks, I did take off the hoses and checked the pump, it's clear....

"I removed the clamps and checked both the inlet and the outlet hoses.  Both were clear and not obstructed. I put my finger in the pump and was able to turn the wheel inside the pump with my finger just fine.  Nothing is obstructing the inside of the pump.  I then unclamped the pump, and turned the motor by hand by turning the bolt looking thing that sticks out of the motor and into the pump.  That turned freely as well."


next steps???  thoughts???  thanks.

remove the motor and try running it alone to see if it is weak

If it also buzzes when set to Spin, it may be the Timer Contacts (reverses the Motor's Start Windings)

Check the voltage from

Blue to White = 120v AC

Black to Yellow = 120v AC

LSR7233EQ0 Wiring Diagram

I have experienced this problem, look through this topic and I'm sure you will find the same to be occurring. "Whirlpool Washer agitates and spins when it wants to!" topic. I ultimately had to replace the neutral drain kit on mine, and it helped for a little while. Then suddenly started acting up again. Now I can only run the machine on a small load setting. That's okay in my situation though, I only use it for shop rags now. I replaced it, my wife couldn't wait.

Dangit Tidebatt I feel dat pain.


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