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Hello, I have a Whirlpool washer (LSR7233EQ0) which is about 12 years old ( i think around 1997 is when I got it).  Today it filled with water, agitated but will not drain.  When I turn the knob to rinse so it can drain, i hear a "humming / buzzing" sound and nothing drains, etc.

I thought perhaps it was a one time thing, but I then set it back to agitate, and then checked in later, and the water is still in there and turning the knob to drain again, only makes the humming sound and nothing happens.  

I researched some sites and drained the water from the back, then tilted it forward and found the pump and hoses and motor, etc.  I removed the clamps and checked both the inlet and the outlet hoses.  Both were clear and not obstructed. I put my finger in the pump and was able to turn the wheel inside the pump with my finger just fine.  Nothing is obstructing the inside of the pump.  I then unclamped the pump, and turned the motor by hand by turning the bolt looking thing that sticks out of the motor and into the pump.  That turned freely as well.  

Any thoughts as to what to try next?  Thank you very much in advance.

Mr. Fix-It:
Check the lid switch it's probably broken.

I put the washer back together, but unscrewed the lid switch and it looks fine physically and the lever or whatever is called clicks properly when pushed down.  I then started up the washer and turned it to the "rinse" cycle and it "buzzzzzzzz/hummmmmms" again.  I'm holding the lid switch in my hand at this point to make sure that its fully depressed and I can feel it getting very warm.  I then did something that i know very little about, but, i have a multitester and i tested it by setting it to "OHM X1K" and then put each probe into one of the wiring harness connections and it reads "infinity" and then when i depress the switch, the meter moves to 2.5.  I tried to get the plastic switch part open to test it there, but couldn't.

thoughts?  and thanks very much.  i'm 3 for 3 over the years in fixing the washer, even though i really don't know much about it.  but sites and help like this almost always works.  i'd hate to stop that streak.  Thank you for any responses.

Some repair pix my brother:

Thank you.  The lid switch seems to be in tact and not broken. I'm not sure if 2.5 is a normal reading for it or not.  I think I'll try and jump it tomorrow and maybe that will let me know for sure if it's the lid switch or not.  Thanks.


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